Fong's Corporate Video

04 Oct 2012

Dyeing machines and textile ranges "Made in Germany". Quality and reliability are the top two priorities for FONG´S Europe, a company located in Schwäbisch Hall. The FONG´S group, with its company headquarters in Hong Kong and its brands FONG´S, THEN, GOLLER and XORELLA, is the leading global producer of high-quality machines and plants for dyeing and finishing of yarn or fabrics in the textile industry.


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Company Information:
Fong's Europe GmbH

FONG'S EUROPE GMBH is the leading supplier of 21st century piece dyeing technology, joining the 3 brands FONG'S, GOLLER and THEN. Its dyeing economy are based on the unrivalled THEN-AIRFLOW® concept that enables huge savings and typically will offer one batch more per day. THEN-AIRFLOW® is the best-selling brand in the whole dyeing industry. The FONG'S ALLWIN HT offers an unprecedented liquor ratio of 1:4. It is suitable for various types of fibres and their blends. The capacity range goes from 28 kg up to 9 tons. GOLLER's latest model SINTENSA PLUS washing range guarantees with the controlled cross flow through the fabric an almost tensionless transport of woven or knitted fabric.

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